New Years in New Jersey Essay

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Spring 2015
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January 30, 2015 New years in the Jersey
In my years living in New Jersey I feel it made me who I ’am today making me and showing me my lone wolf way of live. Living my last three years in New Jersey just before I moved to Georgia was very important to me because I had no idea when will be next time I’ll see the state I was born in again. I remember the day when my Mom and Dad can up to me and told me that we will be moving in three years because she got a better job that can support the family in Georgia. It was like a nightmare come true I thought I’ll never be moving form Jersey with all my family and friends including my dog here. So I sucked it up and embraced those three years like it was my last especially me leaving elementary school and moving to middle school. Me going to middle school was a big accomplishment for the family since I was the youngest aka the last child my parents have to worry about.
Leaving elementary school meant I was a step closer to moving down to Georgia witch made me sad in a way. My mom said she will be throwing me a little party for moving to next grade made me happy so I forgot all about moving and just focus on get ready for my graduation that will be happening in two week then summer vacation. The official date that my parents decided on was on November 18, 2005 they had everything planed out even the house already. My summer vacation went by pretty fast that year after gradations with the family we went to Atlantic City where I saw sand for the first time at the beach when I was scared of it. We came back after one week before started school to have a meeting with new people and teachers I’ll be going to class with in the new school year. But I firueged out that I won’t be spending my whole three years in middle I’ll be moving on my second year so I can start school in Georgia on time. I started to notice things are changing in my second years of middle school because I knew I was leaving and I had to make my good bye very soon. So I wrote letters to every single