News Broadcasting and Modern Society Essay example

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News Broadcasting and Modern Society

Television is a powerful medium – one that is used to convey message, sell products, teach valuable lessons, or simply entertain a viewer. News broadcasting is just one aspect of the large world of the television, but it is in need of radical reform. News broadcasting has a major influence on how people perceive the world around them, and the events that are occurring.

History of Television Television in this day and age is everywhere, but it hasn’t always been this way. The creation of this device is impossible to credit to any one particular individual – so many people were involved, in their own ways, with inventing a modern piece of technology. It is said that the electronic television was worked on, and perfected, in a span that occurred between the late 1840’s to the late 1970’s (Wilt). When asked who invented the television, there is no specific answer. There have been many individuals who claim to either be the sole creator, or claim to have contributed to the invention in some way. As a result, it has been decided that no single person invented the television on their own, but rather one creator built upon the work of someone preceding their work, as others branched off what the last person did. It was a snowball effect, with nothing but positive outcomes. The technology of the television is still advancing to this day, with thanks to everyone who has been involved with the never-ending project (Wilt).
In 1884, the first electromechanical television was developed by a German student by the name of Paul Gottlieb Nipkow. However the mere invent of the television did not mark the beginning of the broadcast television era. Over nearly the next half of a century several improvements were made to Nipkow’s initial design. Entirely new designs such as the Electronic Television and the Color Television would soon follow.

However the invent of the television did not directly coincide with the implementation of broadcast television as we know it today. In the United States, broadcast television first began in the 1930’s. (Fidurko).…