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Information from news and social media is a powerful force for social change.
In modern world information plays a major role in the development of mankind. Owning information and using it properly - the key to success, as Rothschild said: who owns the information, owns the world. According to researchers, the strongest influence on the person providing it is television and the Internet; it gives an idea of the current state of society. At least the media (i.e. TV) affects the formation of moral and ethical qualities of man and gives a correct understanding of life and the world in which he lives. One can argue that it is the media, in the face of television and Internet broadcasting models, styles, and patterns of behavior. If we talk about the nature of the influence of media on society, then there are two kind of exposure. The fact that the media can produce both positive and negative effects on people. Thus, the media are two sides of the impact. Let's look at the nature of this influence is an example of such media as television and the Internet.
Today the problem is particularly acute acquired television violence. Virtually all modern dramas, movies and even cartoons there is violence. There are many studies that suggest that viewing violence on TV programs and films on subsequent aggression. For example, after the famous film by Oliver Stone's "Natural Born Killers" in the world, a wave of looting, robbery, murder, committed by young people, who after his arrest said that, imitate the heroes of this film. It was also proved that films can cause momentary excitement. On the other hand, television - is an essential element of the culture of the twentieth century. TV and the Internet, constantly developing, increasing the capacity of people in different events and makes each individual part of one big event in the world. Furthermore, Information could be used as an instrument for “brainwashing” in some countries where rule authoritarian governments and there is no freedom of speech.