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The league of denial the NFL concussion crisis was a huge eye opener. It informed me on football issues I assumed weren’t really that important or didn’t have long term effects. Many people have young family members that play this sport; they should be informed of the serious health risks that may occur during tackling. This film has changed my perception of football. Due to the dangerous effects that football has on the brain, in the future; my children will definitely wait until after 16 to play tackle football.
Every step in the scientific method was used. First, they started with the question of can football cause long term effects of memory loss? Next, they had to narrow it down and focus on a particular injury. The hypothesis became can a concussion from football cause CTE. In order, to prove their hypothesis neuropathologists had to use research design in order to have organized data and analysis. Once, all data was collected and CTE was found in 6 different NFL stars the conclusion was made that the hypothesis was correct. Although, they had little research the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee published many documents refuting the other neurologists’ findings. Many wives of deceased husbands were coming forward with similar stories also donating their husband’s brain, finding CTE. It was very unethical for the years to accumulate and more evidence of CTE was found but yet the MTBI still failed to recognize these results and admit the truth. MTBI lead people