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The Multiple Intelligences Report
Goal: Analyze one of your intellectual strengths so that you can use it to find success in high school.

Big Idea

What you can start this week...

Discuss your selected Multiple
Intelligence and your goals for the future Choose:
• a specific problem
• one Multiple Intelligence
• a target audience
• an essential question
• a project goal
Start writing 1st Draft of Intro

The Introduction

Use personal narrative to explore your Continue the Self-Investigations from Week 1.
Reflect on the Past past successes and failures with your
Brainstorm possible moments to discuss for
Multiple Intelligence your personal narrative
Use informational report to present
Analyze the Present research and facts about you and your

Begin researching:
• your Multiple Intelligence
• strategies to achieve your Project Goal

Prepare for the

Use argumentative writing to synthesize evidence from a variety of sources to convince your reader that you will meet your goal

Start reading a biography of someone who has the same Multiple Intelligence as you.
Gather additional evidence from as many sources as possible.

The Conclusion

Conclude by addressing our year-long
Essential Question and Goal.

Introduction Checklist
The Problem

One Multiple

Project Goal

Written Style

Section One: The Introduction
8th Grade English Language Arts
Year-Long Goal:

Year-Long Essential Question

Transform from a Middle School Student to a High School Student

What changes and improvements can I make to my life to ensure I'll be prepared for High School?

The Project's Purpose


Apply our advanced analytical skills to investigate our own life