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Elioth Zuazo
Ed Savitz
October 29, 2014

No feelings
I was at the Immigration office.

Five years ago I was running from my own Country (Mexico) and trying to come to the United States of America. I tried to get a cross the border illegally by paying this people to get me across because I was running from the police, not knowing I could go to the American border and ask for help I got trained by the people I paid to get me to USA illegally. They had me locked down in a hotel room for 3 days while they were looking for a Permanent resident card I could use to get across and training me. I was so afraid of getting caught but I was even more afraid of getting killed so I decided to just leave it to fate and destiny.

When I made it to the border I was so nervous, as soon as I showed “my resident card” to the officer he noticed that I wasn’t the person on the ID and I think I was just being to obvious, he pulled out a yellow bar right away, told me what direction I had to drive and started yelling at some other officers. At that moment my blood was just so cold and I knew everything was gone bad, I drove to the point where they asked me to park and like 20 officers ran to my car, took me out and put on the handcuffs. I started shaking and crying because I knew they were going to send me back to Mexico, I was already afraid of handcuffs because I got kidnaped from the police in Mexico and I had the handcuffs on the whole time.

The officers asked me why was I shaking and that everything was going to be okay but they didn't know anything about my past so they thought I was just overreacting. They were treating me as a delinquent because that’s all I was to them. They asked me for my personal Information (Real name, age, address, etc, etc), and took me to a cell, that cell was so cold I couldn’t even stand still, I was just moving around and trying to keep my body warm; I was trying to think about what was I going to do once I get deported, I didn’t had many options but I had to do something because the Mexican police was looking for me to kill me.

They were getting ready to make all the documentation they needed to do in order to deport me back to my Country and they were not worried or even showed to be interested in what I had to say. Everything seemed like a tragedy and I just felt devastated, I had no feelings, my mind was plain blank and I didn’t know what I was going to do. With my head down my whole faith was gone… But someone was looking after me, some people say it was fate but I believe God had a plan for me, something better, and something I wasn’t going to regret. I had no control or couldn’t do anything about it but he definitely knew what he was doing.

A Immigration officer calls my name and asked me to come out and follow him. He took me to an office and a lady told me I was going to get deported but they needed to archive everything so she started asking all the routine questions. Why were you trying to come to US? Did you pay anybody? Do you have family in US? What was your plan after getting in this Country? I was answering the questions but I was obviously trying to explain my circumstances, a lady from another desk was yelling at me and saying I had nothing to do in this Country and that no matter what I say I was getting deported, the lady I was talking with was also being rude and told me that she was supposed to be going home and my statement was taking her time.

Right at that time, when I was about to drop everything off and thought it was just better to get deported and stop trying