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Ashley Diaz Diaz 1
November 19, 2013
ENG 1100
Professor Moyle
No Wrong in Technology Within the recent years technology has progressed rapidly. Technology took over in a blink of an eye and doing so transformed the world and changed the way the human race functions entirely. Technology has changed the way we do simple tasks, read and even write. Now instead of reading on print people find themselves reading newspapers, articles, journals, and books on their tablets, laptops and even phones. The medical field has also been affected by technology and has progressed along with it. Technology has allowed the medical field to expand in ways that were unsought of before. Although there are many positive aspects to technology there are also many negative aspects as well. Technology has said to be distracting and made people lazy. Is technology good or bad, or does it just seem terrible to those that do not know how to use technology and do not understand the full potential of it? Are certain generations affected by technology more than other generations?
Some may argue that digital natives, which include Millennials and beyond have an advantage over the other generations such as the “Baby Boomers” and Generation X being that they were raised differently with technology at the tips of their fingers. Whereas others such as Nicholas Carr believe that technology has had and will continue to have a negative affect on the Millennial Generation. Nicholas Carr states in The Shallows, “What the net seems to be doing is chipping away my Diaz 2 capacity for concentration and contemplation.” Despite many theories of the destruction of technology on our society technology does not affect one generation more than the other. Technology does not affect a group of people positively or negatively based on their culture, or any other group. Technology affects people based on the way they use the technology, it is in the users hands. Technology does have a downside, but overall technology is helping the human race and offers more good then bad. Throughout the recent years technology has progressed quickly changing the field of education and medicine. It has allowed students in the medical field to learn using real life situations. Students in the medical field are beginning to use simulations to help them practice treating a patient. Aspiring surgeons can practice using decision making skills as well as invasive surgeries with simulations (Schiavenato.) Simulations are key in the medical field allowing students to practice their expertise without harming an actual patient in the process. Technology has brought new and exciting ideas to the medical field and has opened up many possibilities. Technology has only improved the medical field. Although technology has improved the medical field it has been damaging the minds of young children. Children throughout the globe have become addicted to the Internet, video games and so on. In some countries like South Korea the addiction is being treated like any other addiction or illness. There are now facilities being used to help cure the addiction, one of the most well known facilities is the

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Jump Up Internet Rescue School (Dretzin). The patients remain in the school for 12 days, the school bases their treatment on outdoor sports and activities. The camp feels that bringing back their childhood will be beneficial and teach the addicts that there is more to do then just be on computers all day. The two main courses of treatment in the camp are education activities and training activities (Koo). So far the treatment has been very successful and more facilities like this one will continue to open throughout the world. The millennial generation has taken the most scrutiny on technology since they are digital natives. Charges against Millennials include laziness, carelessness, being unfocused and much more when