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How are religious beliefs a barrier to communication?
A preset of beliefs could alter a way a person can communicate freely. When someone is really religious or has strong beliefs about anything it could leave them with bias on certain topics.
The Religion.
It would truly be one of the barriers of effective communication if both have different beliefs, especially when they are avid of their respective viewpoints and religious convictions. And since they won't let any of their beliefs be criticized or charged to be false notions, certainly the relationship will fall apart. Sometimes, religion and faith could be man's greatest rivals. It isn't that easy to contest with religion. And there would just be a tiny little chance that you'll be able to win over it.
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Religion and its impact in multicultural workplaces
Posted on January 12, 2013
Undoubtedly, religion can affect attitudes and behaviours of employees during social interaction. It is said that religious beliefs can influence how people perceive and react to each other. For example, some people may possess negative stereotypes of certain religions and the stereotype of religion can affect its followers to interact with others (Aminu Mamman, 1996). Many religions or beliefs have special festival or spiritual observance days. A worker may request holiday in order to celebrate festivals or attend ceremonies. While it may be practical for one or a small number to be absent it might be difficult if numerous such requests are made.


A small finance company needs its staff to work late on a Friday afternoon to analyse stock prices in the American finance market. The figures arrive late on Friday because of the global time differences. During the winter months some staff would like to be released early on Friday afternoon in order to be home before nightfall – a requirement of their religion. They propose to make the time up later during the remainder of the week.

The company is not able to agree to this request because the American figures are necessary to the business, they need to be worked on immediately and