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The Roles of Effective Communication and interpersonal interaction in a Health and Social Care Context
This assignment will provide the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a Health and Social Care Context. The following information will explain the differences between a one –to-one communication and a Group communication. Also informal communication and formal communication. Moreover this assignment will be explaining the types of interpersonal interactions such as speech, gestures, facial expressions, touch and body language. Finally Maslow’s important hierarchy and the care value base will also be explained.
Types of Communication
There are many types of communication; communication is exchanging information which can be in a different language or by speaking, writing and presenting to somebody else, however there are many types of communication.
One-to-one Communication

One-to-one communication is between individuals. To create a one to one conversation you would need to create rapport with the person to make them feel comfortable to talk to you and create the right type of atmosphere positively and emotionally. For example if you’re meeting someone for the first time in a health and social care setting you wouldn’t approach them informally as you would to your family or friends because you would give them a bad impression of you, likewise if you are having a one-to-one conversation with an interviewer you would firstly create a positive atmosphere by smiling and greeting them with a handshake or by saying ‘’Good are you today’’. This will create rapport and once that is created you can move on to the business. Moreover there are three different stage processes in a one-to-one conversation which are the following:
Greeting or warm up
Conversation or information exchange
Farewell or winding down
After you have been through those three processes you will need to finish the conversation leaving the person with the right kind of positive emotions

Group Communication

Group communication involves team work and it can also be working with others who you do not know, for example if you’re working in a hospital you have to be able to work with others and communicate with them in case of emergencies in a group. However some people feel differently about group discussions and find it hard to get involved, they might feel threatened, shy, worried how others may react to their opinions therefore it is important that the group leader encourages other people to talk and create the right positive atmosphere; to create the right kind of emotional atmosphere so that everyone feels comfortable and so they can be able to trust the group members.
Moreover in a group conversation you need to be prepared to know what subject you’re going to speak on and what you are going to say because you want to make a good impression on the rest of the team mates if you do not know them. Also you need to have respect for each other, start with a warm-up talk to indicate that you value them and demonstrate good listening skills so they can develop trust and confidentiality. For example if working in a Health & Social Care setting such as a hospital you need to be able to work with your colleagues efficiently and be able to trust them.
Informal Communication

Informal communication is used when you know someone personally and very well enough to use informal language such as slang or low dialect, this is used mostly between family and friends.
Formal Communication Formal communication is a use of Standard English and it is used in important professional settings…