Norse Mythology: The Religion Of Norse Gods

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The religion of Norse Gods originated in ninth century AD from the Northern Germanic tribes. The Norse God religion comprises the pre-Christian beliefs and legends of the Scandinavian people. The Scandinavian people wrote most of the Norse Mythology in Iceland, this so called Norse Mythology is a set of religious stories viking told to each other. The religion never really had a name, people just knew it as a tradition.The religion of Norse Gods is a very different view of the world than that of modern science.This religion is very different than most other religions but is a very fascinating religion.

The Norse Gods religion comprises the pre-Christian beliefs and legends.The reason it comprises the pre-Christian religion is because
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The legend of how Norse Gods started was by the first giant known as Ymir to come to life in Norse mythology. The world was created with his remains that were dragged by three brothers to the center of Ginnungagap.The death of this giant caused the first of the gods to be born who was Borr. He then had to Odin another god who became the father of two other gods known as Thor and Loki. When Odin, Thor, and Loki became known as gods people started to worship them and never stopped.This is how the Norse Gods religion started (“Norse”).

I think how the religion of Norse Gods came to be was very interesting and mysterious. I would like to know how this giant called Ymir was used to create the world, and how its remains rotted and turned into the first god of Norse mythology.

The last reason Norse Gods religion is so interesting is because of how it is so different than that worldview of science. The Norse Gods religion is based on these gods that have supernatural powers. For instance, Thor controls thunder and Loki controls all evil. The reason this is against the worldview of science is because it is not possible to control thunder and use it as a power against people.This religion is based on super powers, just like superheros it isn’t real. Most scientist that have studied this say that it is make belief and all Norse Gods are is substantial amount of legends.This is a big reason most people didn’t believe in Norse Gods