North Korea Essay

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We do not believe that North Korea is a legitimate threat to our nation’s national security at the present time. While the North Korean government is a threat to its own people as well as our allies in their region, they are neither likely nor capable of attacking the United States. This is because the United States is far stronger with regards to our military, and we have the capability to destroy the whole country of North Korea within days. Furthermore, North Korea would not receive anything if they were to attack the US or it’s allies, so there is no real incentive or motivation for them to attack the United States or any of our allies unless they were suicidal and irrational. Additionally, it is not clear that North Korea holds the capability to deliver a nuclear warhead within a missile into US soil. Consequently, there is no evidence that North Korea poses an immediate threat to American national security.
Both assertive and determined diplomacy with North Korea has not achieved any results. All efforts to be assertive in diplomacy have been viewed as threats to North Korea. At the same time, determined attempts at diplomacy have been viewed as a sign of weakness, this faintness has led North Koreans to believe they can threaten other countries for food and other rashons without any repercussions. However, after receiving the aid, North Korea would raise more threats in order to obtain more rations. This led former defense secretary, Robert Gates to assert that it is important “to not buy the same horse twice.” As a result, in 2009 President Obama adopted a policy