North Korea History

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History of North Korea

The Silla dynasty was responsible for splitting the indigenous people into three kingdoms. The three were Goguryeo, Backje, and Silla. The kingdoms were unified in 676. Through the Goryeo time frame laws were set in place, a civil service system was instituted, and Buddhism was a heavy influence on the culture. King Sejong ruled from 1418-1450 under his reign the Korean alphabet was formed, there were numerous economic reforms, and Hangul was introduced as the national language.

Through the 19th century due to a failure to modernize, Korea found influence from nations such as Japan, and Russia. On August 22nd 1910 Korea was annexed by Japan. The leaders of the Japanese Empire believed the transition of the cultures
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The North saw 100,000 Koreans executed through labor and concentration camps. Famine took a strong hold on the people. Crimes against humanity are believed to run rampant. It is believed that there have been between 600,000 and 850,000 unnatural deaths between 1993 and 2008. The North Koreans are believed to average growing 5 inches shorter than their Neighbors to the South due to malnutrition.

The South faced economical hard-ships in the decade following the war. In 1953 The United States and South Korea finalized a Mutual defense treaty. In 1960 there was the April revolution in which students joined the anti-Syngman Rhee demonstration. This resulted in 142 deaths, and caused Rhee to seek exile in the United States. Prostitution was responsible for a quarter of the South’s GNP. The South’s economy ballooned fivefold during the Vietnam War. This launched increased modernization and development for the
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Fear being the primary method of rule. He was regarded in that of deity status by those he ruled. "To my childish eyes and to those of all my friends, Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-Il were perfect beings, untarnished by any base human function. I was convinced, as we all were, that neither of them urinated or defecated. Who could imagine such things of gods?"

In 2004 a human rights watch reported Kim’s government was “among the world’s most repressive”. The North has over 200,000 political prisoners, no freedom of religion, or the press. The government is in control of virtually all facets of its citizen’s world view. It was rumored in 2008 that Kim fell to diabetes in 2003, and was having a body double pose for him in public. He failed to appear at the 60th anniversary of the nation after dealing with the fall out of a stroke. In 2008 it is reported he suffered a second stroke causing numerous physical limitations to