North Korea Essay

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Mark Rogers
North Korea
April 5, 2012

North Korea a country under a strict dictatorship. Kim Jong-il took over in 1994 after his father had passed away. In his reign tensions have rose between North Korea and all other countries, he has built a huge military and everyone worships him. He has tried to gain nuclear power and was successful in doing so. In December of 2011 King Jong-il passed away and his son takes control of the country.
In a video we watched by national geographic, they traveled with an eye surgeon who went to North Korea to perform over 1,000 eye surgeries. They are limited to only 10 days in the country, and are going to try and capture life inside of North Korea. Inside of North Korea amongst all the cities, all you see is large images of Kong Jong-il. He is on billboards, signs, all over the country. They are granted rare permission to go to the home of a patient and interview them. Inside this home the only photos framed on the wall are pictures of their leader. They bow and say prayers to these photos of their leaders. The young girl sings and dances to a song about their great leader. When questioned about the leader, life would be terrible and nothing would be the same with out their leader today. They are asked if he can do anything wrong and the whole family stares as if they were spoken gibberish too. Its like it was an unknown questions. The answer to any question asked was because of our great leader. They were warned when shooting video to only shoot the whole body of there leader and are heavily warned not to cut any off when shooting.
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