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Initial Assessment
Unit Objectives:
After completing this unit, students will understand what is required of them if they are to be successful in English Composition 1.
Students will complete an initial writing sample.

What do you believe are your personal strengths and weaknesses?

Everyone has set strengths and weaknesses which most of the time determine the way we tackle and embark life Strengths are a mixture of talent and demeanor that someone is born with and they grow over an extensive duration of time. Too many people confuse this with skills which you can learn and improve with time. As for weaknesses, these are aspects of ourselves that challenge us to find solutions. When we make a mistake we don’t want to repeat is about learning life’s lessons.
My character is based off many important strengths. One being my capability to stay focused and work hard at any task. For instance, in class, I always make sure to get my work done on time and it is always my best work. Another being well organized and that helps me get what I need done quickly and done well. Also, I can take leadership and responsibility very well. I am a very trustworthy and dependable friend. I will always do my best at anything I do.
The flaws in my personality are weaknesses. These get in the way of my abilities and also make relationships with other people difficult. One of my weaknesses is being judgmental of others before I give them a chance. First impressions are a big