Nowadays: Social Responsibility and Products Essay

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Nowadays, there are so many businesses doing the same thing in the same industry. Business owners will not only have to worry about the competitiveness of their business, but they also have to think about making as much profit as possible in order to survive in the long run. As a result, often businesses will only emphasized on making profits and only do things that have benefits towards them. They might make some decisions which fulfilled their self-interest but against the law. For example briberies, sloppy works which might put the users on risks, and etc. This is also known as unethical decision-making. Many of them think that an establishment of a business is to maximize their profits and that would be the main purpose of starting a business. Often, this kind of thinking leads them into making bad decisions and ended up finding themselves in court for doing something which is against the law. Let’s take Apple and Samsung as example, these two companies are well-known smartphone companies and they are the leading brand in the world, they keep on launching new phones every year which obviously they makes a lot of profits out of it. There is one time on the newspaper, an IPhone, which is a product from Apple Company, has explode in the pocket of a user, which caused serious damage to his chest. This is a serious case which even they put the case to the court and lastly, Apple was plead guilty on the negligence of ensuring the safety of the phone. This is so obvious that Apple was trying to launch their new phone as soon as they could in order to capture the market before Samsung was able to. In fact, businesses should not only emphasize on making profits, but they also should obey the law and making sure that their products or services are safe towards their consumers. Businesses rely to a large extension on social norms and values, which spell out the importance of adopting ethical approach to business. This means that, business could not possibly runs well without it consumers, employees, and etc. They can no longer separate business from the society. It is important to know that each of every individual, which means employee, who take part in the daily procession inside the company. They should be treated fairly and have equal benefits will be given to everyone in the company. Many companies think that they have gave them salary and benefits so that they can do whatever they wanted to do towards the employees. For example like scolding, assaulting, giving them extra working loads, and etc. Furthermore, businesses often give the misleading information through advertisements to the public in order to capture the market. For example, an energetic drink company give the impression of there are no sugar added in their drinks, but actually they contains sugar in it. Another example, a club offered free drinks to the ladies on every Thursday, but they never tell them they need to pay the entrance fees to get in. This is considered as an ethical way of doing business. They should ensure the safety of their consumers by providing the real and accurate information to the public because that consumer might not have the knowledge of the products. They trust that the information given by the company is accurate enough and sufficient enough for them to use it. Businesses owned the duty of ensuring that all of their products or services are safe to be consumed as they are more knowledgeable in their own products. Another unethical decision approach often make by businesses is that businesses tend to hide the potential risks behind the fact of their products and giving the false information to the party that they are dealing with. They aimed to capture the sales and to neglect the safety of the users. Let’s take an example from my experience, I bought a second hand car from a second hand car dealer, the dealer told me that the car is in good condition and every bit of the car is going well. He even told me that he services the…