The Importance Of Social Responsibility

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Task 1
Company Q’s current attitude towards social responsibility is very iffy, but it could definitely improve considering the positive opportunities that they have recently encountered. Customer Q needs to always remember that their customer’s perception of them is everything. You always want to make your customer’s shopping experience is as positive as possible, because if you do, in the end you will receive loyalty of that customer. Company Q does have time to turn their social responsibility around. If they start looking at all the ways to improve how their customer’s view of them, it will increase their profits and make any shareholders they do have extremely pleased.
Company Q closed two of their stores that were located in the higher crime rate areas due to the stores consistently losing money. This could be due to several things. It appears that Company Q thought they were being socially responsible by doing this, but they were doing the total opposite. First, Company Q could have changed their shopping hours if the closing of the stores were actually due to crime activity. Opening the stores early and closing at a reasonable time could avoid any crime activity that usually happens more often when it gets darker out. Next, the company could add more security cameras to the store for additional protection of their employees and inventory. Placing security cameras throughout the building could help with both internal and external theft. People are less likely to steal money or products if they know they are being watched by the man. Finally, Company Q also could provide training for new and current employees. By conducting ethics training it could help the employees understand the policies of the company and help guide them to make the best decisions for them as an employee and the company they’re working for. By just adding a few cameras, changing a couple policies and adding employee training, Company Q could be increasing their sales again instead of losing profits and closing stores that could have stayed open.
Many customers have requested over the years that Company Q start offering health-conscience and organic products. It took them years for them to consider this request. Nowadays, it seems like organic or health-conscience food is the “in” thing. It’s like everyone wants to be healthy. What grocery store doesn’t have a section of organic products? No one wants to have to go to multiple stores to get the products they need. Customers want to be able to go to one store for everything. If Company Q was being socially responsible they would know that this would have been a positive effect on their company, which would make customers have a more positive image of them and in turn bigger profits. When you have happy customers, you’ll have more loyal customers. They will be more loyal when you give them what they want and need. It’s all about convenience these days. Adding a new