Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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3.1. Duration of Study

Pending eIRB approval the estimated duration of this study is 2-years, in order to accrue up to 500 participants. This will begin after approval date and continue for two years after that. The expected duration to complete the online survey itself is approximately 30 minutes. This includes the time required for online consent. Once students submit their survey, they will have completed their participation in the study.

3.2 Study Sites

Each study participant will complete the study online through their own computer system on the Internet website, Qualtrics. There is no in-person study site.

3.3 Sample Size Justification

Total sample size = 500 (250 male, 250 female). Expected accrual = 125 students per semester over two-years. Sampling strategy = online survey participation for all eligible Rowan University
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If they choose this study, they will be given a short description of the study. They can decide then if they wish to participate in the study. If they do, the informed consent form will appear as the first page of the survey before the official measures. Each participant will be provided with the contact information of the Principal Investigator. They are encouraged to contact him if they have any questions regarding the study both prior to the informed consent section and during the study itself. There will be a “yes/no” question that each participant must respond to before starting the study that asks, “Given what you have read, are you still interested in participating?”. They will also have to check a box confirming they are at least 18 years of age. Participants will also be informed that the study is voluntary. The participants will be aware that they are free to discontinue their participation in this study at any time, but SONA points will only be awarded if the study is finished in its