Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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E. Constraints a. Control functions
The application should be able to demonstrate the refreshed data on the site, immediately if there should an occurrence of changes made to the database.
The database for the project is intended to be of direct size
For the most part, the application is intended to have the capacity to keep running in Internet Explorer. The Airline Reservation framework will be composed such that, it can keep running on a Windows server. Users need to introduce/run Internet Explorer with a specific end goal to run the task.
b. Parallel operations: it must help numerous clients at the same time.
c. Contemplations: Safety/ Security contemplations must be left dependably ordinarily.
F. Description of the proposed system The proposed
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System architecture
The architecture of the Ticket Purchasing System depends on the three-tier architecture. This three-tier architecture mainly consists of three layers to be specific:
1. Presentation Tier
2. Business Tier
3. Data Access Tier
1. Presentation Tier: This converts and displays data into a human-readable frame. This tier is for the most part in charge of the UI of the application which manages the perception of data to the user.
2. Business Tier: It is mainly in charge of data trade between the UI and the database of the project. The business logic for the Ticket Purchase system would be available here.
3. Data Access Tier: This mainly consists of database servers. Here, the data identified with the Airline Ticket Purchase system is put away and recovered from here. For this project, I have used only Microsoft project to create the database. It is very easy to work with and makes creation and maintaining of tables simple.
Phase 3: Project plan
With a specific end goal to choose the most suitable strategy to use for the project, project managers or system analysts assess the accompanying task qualities:
a. Clarity of user requirements
b. Familiarity with technology
c. Complexity
d. Time