Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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This section provides various details on key observations and relevant recommendations
I – Office 365 Review
Someone performed a detailed review of current configuration of Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Active Directory configuration for Horizon Energy Group (SOMEONE) and found the following pointers:
1. SOMEONE infrastructure allows users to join any device to their office 365 account without using multifactor confirmation. When this serves as a good time saving feature – in the case of compromised account, attacker would have easy access to register rouge devices.
2. Microsoft Office 365 is having built-in capability to enforce multifactor verification for password reset process. This feature is not utilised.
3. The password configuration
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Email Security : The spam and content filter is vital piece of security control to manage all email and internet content related security risks.
2. Cyber Security : We found that current antivirus solution is not having Endpoint Detection and Response capabilities. These advance features are available in many product at similar cost and allows to manage remote devices with simple administrative interface.
3. Data Security : The SOMEONE and group companies are having very complex, isolated and hybrid environment. The key to data security is to know what type of data are located at which locations and utilised for what purpose. Additionally, it is important to categorise and tag data in most relevant categories such as public, commercial, confidential, Intellectual Property, Private, Official and so on. This not only helps to understand data landscape but also allows to effectively responding to any incidents.
III – Recommendations for Security Posture
Someone performed a detailed review of the proposed Office 365 migration plan and current configuration in place, the current security posture of SOMEONE, the currently available security controls to facilitate a secure environment, and security gaps identified during the configuration and incident review activity. As a result, Someone found the following