Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 3

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Issue: You are working as a consultant for a client who needs a computer system set up for a new manufacturing company. The company sells technical equipment for tanks online as well as direct to the government. After agreeing to take on the job, the company president asks you to save money by not including all the security measures that you initially recommended. This includes some physical as well as network configuration that would reduce his risk of breaches. You know that since he deals with credit card payment on the network, this could be risky. In addition, some of the parts he manufactures are highly sensitive. You try to explain this to the client, but he is adamant that the budget must be met and costs cut.
Students Debate:
Should you do as the client insists and omit physical security features and configure
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Adopting security best practices for brick-and-mortar and online business showcases professionalism while building consumer confidence. Implementing strong passwords, multi-step authentication and security from the cloud, can also help minimize risks to your business. Having the little green padlock in the address bar of a website, provides confidence to consumers when making online purchases.
Should you go ahead and install the extra security measures at no cost to the client, knowing you are losing money?
I would not install the extra security measures at no cost to the client. Knowing that this would cause me company to lose money, I would exhaust all possible options for the client to agree to me installing and configuring a fully secured network. This would include me talking to my company about providing the client a discount or payment plan to make it easier for the client to pay for these services.
Should you refuse to do the