Nt1310 Unit 4

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Review Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Which of the following is NOT considered a simple machine? a. Wheel and axle b. Electric motor c. Lever d. Rope and pulley ____ 2. In a machine, work output: a. can be calculated by dividing output distance by output force. b. is always greater than the work input. c. can be calculated by multiplying output force by output distance. d. is always equal to the work input. ____ 3. A lever rotates around a fixed point called a: a. ball bearing. b. gear. c. pulley. d. fulcrum. ____ 4. A mover wants to use his own weight to lift a 450-pound box with a lever and a fulcrum. He weighs 150 pounds. If the output arm is 1 meter long, how long does the input arm need to be? a. 0.3 meters b. 3 meters c. 4
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In many circuit diagrams, any device that uses electrical energy is represented by a: a. light bulb. b. heating element. c. resistor. d. motor. ____ 9. Electrical conductivity describes: a. the rate of charge flow. b. the direction of charge flow. c. the ability of an object to carry current. d. the ability of a material to carry current. ____ 10. A stereo receiver is plugged into a 120-volt outlet. If the receiver has a resistance of 240 ohms, how much current does it use? a. 2 amps b. 2 volts c. 0.5 amps d. 60 volts ____ 11. If there is a break at any point in a series circuit, the current will: a. stop everywhere in the circuit. b. leak out of the break point. c. be decreased by one-half. d. continue through remaining unbroken circuit branches. ____ 12. Which of the following is TRUE about voltage in a series circuit? The total of all voltage drops must: a. equal the total current. b. add up to zero. c. add up to the total voltage supplied by the battery. d. never exceed the total circuit resistance. ____ 13. What is the voltage drop across each resistor in the circuit