Nt1310 Unit 4

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1. Workstations
Workstations or basically PC’s provide an employee with an access to document, use email service, access the internet and perform other tasks. Provided that they have username and password, they can have sufficient access to a workstation depending on network policies and restrictions set by the organisation.
As it is often suggested by IT professionals, it is recommended that the workstations have a minimum 4GB of memory with at least 500 GB hard drive to cover personal documents or other client software to be installed. Also, the Workstations recommended have a life span of 3years or they can no longer depending on the configuration and daily use. But it is recommended to keep the workstations under manufactures warranty since
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Business operation is basically process of now the company produces, sells or delivers its product. After introducing new technology Motosport is able to gather market data very easily and can transform it to achieve high customer satisfaction. It also improves decision making while helping the team members to work on different aspects of business.
3. Customer and supplier relation
For a business to grow, it has to have a good relation with its customers as well as suppliers. Similarly if Motosport knows its customer very well it can serve them well and attract even more customer, this increases revenues. Hence it can use information system to engage with customers, collecting data as well as with its suppliers. We can link the information system of Motosport with its suppliers to ensure continuous supply of products in order to achieve high customer satisfaction.
4. Improved Decision making
Information system helps the managers of Motosport to improve business operation by collecting data from the marketplace and their other costs which helps in making best decisions. In the past they didn’t have such access and accurate data or forecasts weren’t available .but now, because of improved decision making it can result in increased costs and