Nt1310 Unit 4

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1) Actively involve and assist in detail drawings plan, diagram with a team of electrical professionals to submit and obtain approval from relevant stakeholder for electrical installations, operation & maintenance of 33/11 KV distribution sub-Station including high & low voltage switchgear, voltage regulator, oil circuit recluses, SF6 recluses, various cabling and motor control systems etc. Lead a team of electrical technologist to draw design, waring diagram for power, signal, and control wiring and layout of electrical equipment installations and circuitry on substations, switchgear, and cabling and motor control system.

2) Work on planned outages and forced outages keeping customer informed; supervision on customer response and complaints; fault location identification with line repair crews; collecting data, performing relevant tests and complex fault calculations including Three Phase Faults, Phase to Phase Faults and Earth Faults; performing various tests like Insulation Resistance, Winding Resistance, Turns Ratio, Power Factor, Sweep Frequency; check phase balance after system is under load; identifying trip breakers and validate load test GFI breakers etc; test relay setting and calibration; checking accuracy and functionality of all interfaces between two systems or equipment of different manufacturers of distribution system.

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Regularly check fittings, conduit and wiring are tight and workable, inspect fluid leakage on the tank, valves, or cooling assemblies, destruction to bushings so that it maintain company compliance with specifications stated criteria of acceptance and government regulations of finished products and operational