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Gold is a soft, yellow element that reacts with a very few chemicals such as, chlorine and fluorine Gold is a very infrequent substance, 2/3 of the earth’s gold comes from South Africa. Gold is quite heavy, it weighs 19 times more than water, and is almost as heavy as a lead. It is quite soft, a little harder than a fingernail but not as hard as a coin or glass. Gold, like most metals, it is malleable and ductile. This has made gold sought after a wide range of applications like jewellery and in electronics. The chemical symbol of gold is ‘Au’. The malleability a ductility of gold are high. The atomic mass of gold is 196.97. The melting point of gold is 1060oC , and the boiling point is 2660oC. Gold is used in various things, such as jewellery, computers, electronics, dentistry, winner’s medals and trophies.

Aluminium is a silver-coloured soft light weighted metal which can be formed into almost any shape. Aluminium is malleable, ductile and easily machined and cast. It can be rolled into thick plates for armoured tanks or into thin foil for a wrappers. Also it can be drawn into wire or made into a cans. A thin protective layer is formed when aluminium metal is exposed into air and this prevents rusting of aluminium surface. Aluminium is used in a lot things such as:
Transportations; this includes airplanes, trucks, bicycles, automobiles etc.
Constructions; this includes wires, doors, windows.
Packaging; foil, cans