Nursing and Patient Essay

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Newman's Theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness in Nursing Practice MAJOR CONCEPTS - Health of all persons regardless of the presence or absence of disease (Newman, 2010) - The nurse helps to understand people to use the power within to develop the higher level of consciousness. - signs and symptoms of the diseases vary on the individual so the pathology of the diseases occur before the symptoms appear therefore removing the disease symptoms do not change the individual. - if becoming sick is the only way an individual’s way of living can manifest itself than that is true for the health of that person. - human are not divided into parts - consciousness is a manifestation of an evolving pattern of person-environment interaction (Newman, 2010) INFLUENCE ON NURSING CARE Newman’s theory is used in patient care by allowing the nurse, once a relationship is established to allow the patient to be conscious of his environment, how it is effecting him, how he is interacting with it, and to make decisions about how to proceed in his developmental process. The nurse will work as a facilitator in helping the patient see his patterns and how some could be more effective in moving him toward a higher level of consciousness.
NEWMAN’S THEORY IN ACTION A patient presents to the Emergency Department with shortness of breath. After the patient is given breathing treatments, steroids, and oxygen is applied, the patient has a chest x-ray that reveals suspiciousness of cancer. The Emergency Department nurse begins to take a health history from the patient, providing reassurance that she will do what she can to make him comfortable and avoid further episodes of difficulty breathing. The patient begins to relax after receiving a low dose of xanax and begins to reveal his medical history to the nurse. The patient reveals that he smokes a pack of cigarettes a day and has smoked for the past 20 years. The nurse listens and allows the patient to share his history. The nurse does some education on…