Nursing: Medicine and Certified Nursing Assistant Essay

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Keleigh Cullum
Baylor Health Care System
Patient Care Technician
Day Surgery
Dallas Texas
Job Application Letter
Please accept my application for the full time position of a Patient Care Technician with Baylor Health Care System in day surgery working during the evening. I discovered this opening position on the Baylor Health Care system website under the career’s section. I am a certified nursing assistant with patient care technician experience and a passion for taking care of others in need.
For the past year I have worked in the intensive care unit and emergency department with Medical Center of Lewisville. This is a very busy 24 bed emergency unit and intensive care unit. I have enjoyed the time I have spent here but do feel I am ready to move to a much bigger hospital, for I would like to expand my experience with different kinds of emergencies and situations. My experience in the emergency unit has helped me learn how to multitask and stay on task while meeting patients’ needs and giving them the best care possible.
Graduating with my Certified Nursing Assistant certification has helped me succeed in the healthcare field and has helped me adapt to the different area’s I have been floated to in Medical Center of Lewisville. This gave me a wide range including Mother Baby unit, Rehab unit and also Neonatal Unit. It gave me a lot of experience and confidence working with patients as young as premature babies to elderly adults. I do have knowledge on HIPPA and OSHA knowledge, as I was required to complete task and assignments continually while working with Lewisville Medical.
I do have outstanding communication skills with patients, families and work tremendously with other team members. I also have a successful and huge amount of knowledge when it comes to documenting and charting.
I am committed to meet patients of all different ages and medical histories. I think I would be perfect for this position because like your motto I can “serve all people through exemplary health care, education, research and community service.” I look forward to meeting with you in person and finding where it is I best fit in!
Yours Truly

• Dedicated nursing student looking to further my knowledge and career in the medical field.
• Highly motivated to launch my nursing career; future goals include finish school to graduate with a degree such as Bachelor’s in Science and Nursing.
• Reliable worker with the ability to learn new concepts and skills quickly.
• Backed by a solid work history, reputation as a team player and passion for helping others.
• Background includes experience caring for elders, children, and even infants.
• Great with customer service and works very well with others.
• Creative, self-motivated and proactive.
• Effective planning,