Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits Essay

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Vegetarianism: A Way of Life

Jimmy Thompson


August 27, 2013
Gerry McFarland

Vegetarianism: A Way of Life

Many years ago, the human diet consisted mainly of plants, such as vegetables and fruits; the diet also consisted of nuts, grains, and legumes. As newer foods and places such as fast food chains were developed, the diet began to grow into a more complex and unhealthy way of eating. This new way of eating has increasingly taken a toll on human lives, as well as the life of planet earth. This is one of the many reasons that I chose to become a vegetarian. Industries, such as fast food chains, have sadly caused obesity in humans, especially in the United States, which has become an epidemic amongst children and adults. There are many more factors other than fast food that are to blame, but it is ultimately up to an individual’s personal choice as to whether or not they choose a healthy way of life.
Fast Food Industry Sugar, high fructose corn syrup, harmful chemicals and other bizarre things are what fast food companies such as McDonalds and Burger King are feeding to their customers. These absurd chemicals have been known to be some of the causes of obesity, which has become an extreme epidemic in America. Healthy eating habits have not been gaining enough buzz from the general public, but it has gotten much better with the help of many organizations. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has listed on their website that thirty-seven percent of American adults are considered obese and seventeen percent of American adolescents are obese. This is drastically higher compared to recent years and is embarrassing compared to other countries. Obesity is associated with diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, and eating healthy can certainly decrease these aliments (Nursing Standard, 2013). It is very concerning what people continue to put into their bodies, especially when there have been news articles and reports on what is in the food that people are consuming. Although consuming fast food is convenient and can often times be cheap, it is very harmful to the body, as well as the planet. Even though fast food chains have made changes in some of the products they offer, they still have not changed the way their food is being produced. There are many people who try and justify their reasoning for eating fast food. They say they cannot afford to eat healthy, but comments like those are nonsense, because eating healthy is in fact not expensive and cost much less than eating fast food. The world has been succumbed to convenience and many people will do whatever they can to accomplish something in as little time as possible; therefore, eating fast food satisfies that need for convenience because it takes no time to purchase it and then devour it. Unfortunately, it is causing great harm to the bodies that are consuming fast food. Fast food chains need to take responsibility for the obesity rates in America, which surprisingly, McDonald’s has. According to Strategic Direction (2005), McDonald's seems willing to accept a share of the blame for the obesity problem. Indeed, the company has gone as far as saying that eating too many of its burgers is definitely bad for you. If this is the case, fast food companies need to ensure they are using organic products in their food.
The American public is uneducated when it comes to eating healthy and knowing how to prepare cost friendly meals. There are resources today that are reaching out to educate, such as the Let’s Move initiative. This initiative was created by Michelle Obama and it is empowering people of all ages to get up and move. The program teaches through exercise, which is one of the most important factors to a long and healthy life. The First Lady’s program is very motivating and it is inspiring individuals from all walks