Essay about Nutrition and Healthy Meals

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I get hungry at in the morning, middle of the day, and at dinner, all of which are physical factors. I often eat when I am home alone and bored, this is an emotional factor. Being involved with many groups, such as Volleyball and National Honors Society, there are many gathering where food is supplied and it is polite to get a plate regardless of hunger.
Usually during the holidays I consume more food than necessary, I go to three or four Thanksgiving dinners and Christmases with my divorced parents.
Since I am a high school student with a part time job, I usually intake fast food because it is convenient and cheap, these are both convenience and economic factors.
For most of my life I was drawn to fruits and vegetables, they all appealed to me! However, lately I love anything sweet.
2. I feel my diet is not very healthy. I tend to eat whatever is easiest or cheapest. Especially with it being Volleyball Season, we eat a lot of fast food on the way home from games late at night.
3. I would change the amount of fast food and sweets I eat. I would eat more home cooked, healthy meals.
4. Recently, I have decided to start a new workout plan and meal plan. As soon as volleyball ends I will stop consuming so much fast food. Also, I tried about a month ago to stop drinking anything other than water. I did feel better but did not see much weight loss, so sadly I gave up on that.
5. For me to make major changes in the way I eat, everyone in our home would…