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Education of Philosophy

As a future educator of the New York City Department of Education, there are many goals I have set for myself that I would like to accomplish for my students. For starters, I would like to start out as a teacher in Special Education and work my way up to receiving a second masters in Administration. Although this goal will take some time to accomplish, I feel that with perseverance and ambition, I could one day be a principle of a school where I will be able to instill the following ideals on my institute. If I were to say what my idyllic school would be, it would have to consist of many characteristics. First, I would want to be in a school in an inner-city area where the students, teachers, and fellow administrators would be a diverse mix of ethnicity, class, and other social backgrounds. The socio-economic background of an average student in my school would be lower-middle class, coming from a family with two to five siblings, with various academic abilities. The students would range from ages six through fourteen and would be assigned from grades one through eight. The students will be taught a curriculum established through the Department of Education, which will expand their academic capabilities upon entering a new grade each year where they will be taught new and important material pertaining to the curriculum provided to the school. The first two grades, will teach the students the basic mathematics, language arts, phonics, sciences and social studies they need in one classroom the whole day (among other subjects such as arts and physical education). Upon entering the third grade, they will be expected to switch classes between each period and attend the specific subject of that given time. Each subject will have a teacher that has a specific master’s degree in that subject area (IE, a math teacher will only teach math, science will only teach science, etc). Upon entering the fifth grade, the students will then start learning a foreign language, they will be given the choice of Spanish, French, and Italian; the students may not take the language of their native heritage, the goal I would like for these students to accomplish is to become familiar with a language not familiar to them. The Special Education department of this school will be offered to any student who needs the services provided for their specific disability. There will be resource rooms, self-contained classrooms and inclusion classrooms. In the resource rooms, there will be services offered such as extended test taking, homework help and tutoring services. The grading system that I would like to establish in my model school would be a number system. Starting with five (5) as the highest level of exceptional academics, behavior and social standing, three (3) an average level, and one (1) an unacceptable level of academics, behavior and social standing. To determine a student’s capability to move onto the next grade level, they must receive an overall yearly average of a two point five (2.5). The student’s progress will be monitored through monthly reports which will be documents that indicate where students are thriving and need improvement. While this does not encourage students to try their hardest, there are some students who do not have the academic ability to exceed certain grades due to poor functioning in different subject areas. If a student receives below a 2.5, they will be put under academic probation which will consist of tutoring services, a formal review of the student’s performance with the student, the teachers, dean, and student’s parents; if the academic probation does not succeed, and then the student will be forced to repeat the grade. The final basis that I have for my students would be for them to not only learn from their teachers, but to thrive off of one another. Even though they will be rotating through different classrooms throughout the day, they will be rotating