Obesity: Obesity and fast Food Essay

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Over the years obesity has become one of the most dangerous diseases in the country. In the movie “Super Size Me”, it’s mentioned that the United States is the country with the most obese people. The movie’s message is very clear fast food can affect his/her body and health. Obesity can cause different types of health problems as in type 2 Diabetes, Heart disease, sleep apnea etc. These aren’t the only problems that obesity causes there are more major risky problems as in asthma and cancer. Sometimes chairs have to be made wider for those who don’t fit in the normal chairs, but I believe the three major causes of why people are obese are lack of exercise, depression and fast food. One of the causes of being obese is lack of exercise. Now, with our advanced technology people don’t plan on doing any types of activities outdoors just like in the old days. They rather be sitting, laying, watching T.V., texting or playing video games. If he/she is not active it’s obvious that there is no calories being burned, it is possible in taking more calories every day than he/she use through exercise. Or perhaps some people feel unmotivated and unhappy and that’s why they do not exercise. With these types of moods it is more likely people are less interested in exercising. Another cause would be depression. Depression is known for poor self-image, low self-esteem and social isolation caused by obesity. In general, people may have gone through difficulties that they can’t get over. So they turn to food to comfort themselves till they heal the pain. The food’s taste may become a large part of their satisfaction or comfort. They might feel down, but when they think about and eat food it is like their medicine.
The final major cause is fast food. Many people love fast food restaurants because the food is obviously fast and people don’t have to cook it. Many people don’t want to cook homemade food; they would rather buy food with tons of calories and fat. Others don’t have time to cook or do anything because of work so they turn to snacks and fast food. People who consume fast foods are less likely to eat healthy foods as in white fish, salmon fish, fruits, vegetables, milk etc. It is understandable for those who have a busy job and don’t have time to cook. Yet, others who stay at home have an opportunity to eat healthy, but he/she rather not because he/she prefers fast foods instead. Even though fast food contains many calories, restaurants should have at least a list of how many calories each item contains. Dealing with depression, people should get help and get motivated and