Essay on Obesity: Obesity and fast Food

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Obesity rates have dramatically grown over the years, more and more people are becoming overweight and in my opinion I say it has a lot to do with your surroundings and where you live. Such as the city you live in, the things and places you have access to, and the people you hang around and see everyday. For example; the city of las vegas would most likely have more accounts of obesity compared to palm desert due to such key factors.
Las vegas. The place you go when you just want to let everything go. The place where you can get a “Eat till you drop” buffet for a measly fourty dollars. I live in vegas and I can tell you that on every street, there is some well known fast food where you can get a big greasy meal for very cheap. Besides food alone vegas is known for its late night clubbing and parties, massive amounts of alcohol is consumed daily so you could only imagine the how big of a calorie intake that is. Vegas is one of the obese cities because you do not have to travel far for a cheap, high calorie meal and because alcohol is consumed more than water.
Now on the other hand in the valley we have the city of palm desert where i now reside, obesity is definitely seen but incomparable to the city of las vegas. In palm desert if i wanted fast food i'd have to travel five miles, there is no fast food in my area, there are places where you could actually get a healthy meal such as the deli restaurant right next to my apartment, there are jogging paths , parks, fields,