Obesity: Obesity and Weight Loss Essay

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Obesity is a health concern that can lead to ill-fated effects on an individual’s health. Obesity affects more than the health of an individual. It can wreak havoc on an individual’s mental health. Depression and Low Self-Esteem are concerns that can derive from Obesity. A Body Mass Index chart will provide detailed information concerning the weight and height of an individual. This chart can be found on the Internet and is a viable method to utilize. The information is pertinent to distinguishing and differentiating between morbid obesity, obesity, average, and normal body weight. A visit with a physician can also provide this vital information. A possible solution to this problem is various surgical methods. Lap-Band and Gastric Bypass Surgery are two well-known methods. Prior to committing to any of these methods, I will perform extensive research and review case studies of individuals that have chosen one of these surgical methods for weight loss. Also, consulting with a physician is vital. The information that He/She can provide will be essential. Surgery may not be a viable choice and the recommendation from the physician will have a direct impact on my decision.
If surgery is not viable, (after consulting with a physician) exercise is a method to assist in the off-set of Obesity. Walking is a form of exercise that can produce weight loss. Weight loss can in turn promote a healthy state of mind. Issues of low self-esteem can be eliminated. Consulting with a physician is required before beginning any exercise regimen. Walking is a form of exercise that I enjoy. I will explore this method further. My physician can answer important questions to ensure that exercise will be beneficial.
I will use the expertise of my physician to produce a concrete solution to this problem. He/She can provide detailed information about all weight loss methods as well as recommend a healthy diet and a fitness level that will be beneficial. Also, I will talk with individuals that have previously lost weight. I…