Obesity Problem In New Zealand

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New Zealand has an obesity problem. We are consuming too much junk food which leads to obesity. One in four adults in New Zealand is obese. And this number is rapidly rising. We need to solve the obesity problem in New Zealand’s society before it becomes a nationwide epidemic. If we do not solve the obesity problem, it will negatively affect the nation’s economy, health care, life expectancy and future generations. Even though the problem of obesity is so large, we could solve the problem using a number of different actions. One possibility could be having a tax on foods which are high in fats, sugars, oils, chemicals, preservatives, acids and salts. Another possibility could be changing the cost of fast food to be more level to the healthier options such as sushi, or even possibly having mandatory fitness in schools. If we do manage to fix New Zealand societies’ obesity problem, it would positively affect the nation’s economy, health care system, life expectancy and future generations.
The obesity issue is a major part of New Zealand life as it affects 63.8% or 2,847,240 of us. Junk food consumption has risen 500% since 1970 and this number is rising. The health of three in ten children is at risk because of excessive weight. If we do not stop we will have a major problem on our hands. If we do not stop, more and more people will become obese and have health problems. Obesity is linked to asthma, liver disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, problems with joints