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Occupational Research Paper

Since I have figured what type of personality I have through the assessments I did in this class. My personality type is social, enterprising, conventional and a bit investigative. Due to my personality type I have considered one career that really interests me the most and I see myself on the future doing it. A bank teller is social who work with people daily and help them on their financial status.
Due to my personality type I'm an active guy who likes to walk around and talk to people and try to help them as much as I can. I like to work with people and try to listen and understand them very well, so I can help them to get the best out of the situation. I like to work in a place that is well organized where people follow the instructions and the rules. Also, I would like to work in environment where there is a good communication between the employees, so we can learn from each other and grow together, I want to work in a place where every employee is responsible for certain tasks. Furthermore, I prefer to work in a place where there are set times to work. The skills that I have as of now are quick learner, helpful, efficient, adapt to situation and trustworthy. Some skills that I want to acquire are time management, paying attention to details and customer service. Business has always interest me and I know information about different type of business in general because I always ask my father and people who are older than me about their experiences in business and I really enjoy listening to them and that really help to think about what career I want to pursuit in my future. I really want to major in business and to be specific I want to do International business, so I can take advantage of the fact that I speak two languages. Currently, I want to do my bachelor degree and then work. I would go back to school if needed to do only my Master. I'm not sure about how much money I want to make right now, but all I'm sure about is that I want to make money that meets my needs and by the end of the month I have left money to save. I believe that depending on how successful I am I would make more money by the years. My personal values and qualities are simple which is trust between coworkers, job security, livable income, location and the time I get to spend with my family.
Bank tellers have to do certain tasks check cashing and depositing, savings deposits, withdrawals, issuing negotiable items, payment collecting, promotion of the financial institution's products, business referrals, cash advances, savings bond purchase or redemption, Resolving customer issues, Balancing the vault, cash drawers, ATMs, and TAUs, Batching and Processing Proof Work (On-Us/Not-On-Us Checks, Payment Coupons, Counter Slips, etc.) and ordering products for the customers such as checks and deposit slips. Tellers work in bank branches. The most important skills that tellers have to know are basic math, computer skills, attention to detail and customer service. Moreover, tellers have to get a short term training program before starting the job. The salary range for teller is $24,940 per year. Also, tellers mush have a high school diploma or equivalent. Bank tellers' employment growth is increasing due the high employment in this occupation on 2010which was bigger than the statewide median off all occupation. Moreover, the expectations indicate that the number of opening projects for this occupation is going to be bigger than statewide median of all occupations. In order to be a good bank teller, it's important to have good