Occupational Therapy Case Study

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Date Cultural needs and Social/Occupational Justice in the Community

An immigrant Somalia woman with bipolar disorder leads an impoverished life with her three children in an estranged living environment. This case study report aims to illustrate how occupational therapy emphasizes cultural needs and addresses strategies to cope with occupational injustice through health literacy and intervention model, enabling the client to perceive her problems and take steps to transform.
Client Profile
Karly is a 30-year old woman recently emigrated from Somalia. She is able to speak and read a minimal amount of English. She works three part-time, minimum wage jobs to maintain her family. She is a timid woman, who neglects her medical checkup in order to secure her job which is the only source of livelihood for her and the children. She exploits her energy in commuting, performing chores, running errands at her workplaces and lacks sleep. She refrains from complaining of unhealthy conditions to the landlord for fear of being evicted. She panics about the safety and security of her children due to scarcely occupied living locale invaded by strangers and criminals. Her
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Advocacy is a suitable intervention, according to the analysis of the occupational profile. In this process, the client works in collaboration with the practitioner to take every effort that directs to the the transformation of self and skills. Occupational therapy intervention focuses on creating or facilitating opportunities to engage in occupations that lead to participation in desired life situations (AOTA, 2008). The main objective of this intervention is to promote occupational justice and empowers to explore opportunities and resources to fully participate in daily life