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Odysseus/Ali Essay Overview

These are two possible outlines for the essay about the Odyssey. Here they are. You may deviate from these outlines; however, you must get approval first.

Outline 1 (Passage Analysis)

1 - Introduction - Heroes then and now with quoted Odyssey passage

2 - Summary/Character Analysis of Odysseus based on passage

3 - How does this tie to heroics?

4 - How does it relate to today (specifically Ali)

5 - Conclusion

Outline 2 (Character Analysis of Odysseus or Ali) *The examples below tie to this outline directly.

1 - Introduction

2 - Positive Trait (w/ quoted evidence)

3 - Positive Trait (w/ quoted evidence)

4 - Negative Trait (w/ quoted evidence)

5 - Conclusion

Character quotes and summary links for Ali information in “The Greatest”


One example of an intro for the character analysis outline broken down...
Superheroes vs. Heroes
Superheroes vs. Heroes
Human Heroes
Superheroes not real, Heroes real human beings
Humans make mistakes, but heroes must overcome them
Theme in story
Theme of Odyssey by Homer
Odysseus = main character
Odysseus trying to get home
Character traits of Odysseus
Odysseus has many character traits that make him heroic, but it is overcoming his flaws that make him a legend

(This is an example, and you may not use it)


1) Think about what the paragraph will be about. It should be a part of the thesis. By the time all the body paragraphs are complete, all aspects of the thesis should be explored, supported and explained.

2) Develop a topic sentence. This sentence helps to transition from the previous paragraph and sets up the main idea that will be explained and proved in this body paragraph. (it should be related to the thesis in some way)

3) Find and present evidence from the story as a direct quote. Also, be sure to have a solid lead-in to the quote to convey the speaker and context of the quote.

4) Explain how the quote proves the topic. This will be done by presenting essential story details and connecting the ideas from the quoted evidence to the ideas from the topic. Any story details are there for the purpose of proving the topic, NOT summarizing the story!


1) The first body paragraph will be about one of Odysseus’s positive traits. In the thesis, we discussed how his positive traits made him a hero and how his flaws led to his status as a legend. This will begin that explanation of the thesis.

2) TOPIC SENTENCE: (simple version) One trait that makes Odysseus a hero is intelligence.

3) EVIDENCE: (lead-in + quote)
In the Cyclops section of the Odyssey, Odysseus said, “My name is Nohbdy: mother, father, and friends, / everyone calls me Nohbdy” (315-316)

4) EXPLANATION: (thought process and essential details) Does this to aid the escape Odysseus blinds Polyphemus The false name tricks the other cyclopes into not attacking Sets up