Odysseus Essay

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Nhat Duong
Humanity 2310-33353
Professor: Melanie Osborn
Week 3: Odyssey In the Odyssey epic, majority of the poem centers the hero Odysseus. In his journey home Odysseus takes over ten years before he reach Ithaca after the fall of troy. One thing I think every interesting in the epic is the way Odysseus was descripted. First, Odysseus is depicted as an intelligent person he even willing to do whatever it takes to survive. For instance, I read on the internet that Odysseus even lead his army to kill Trojan at night which is not very glorious. . Furthermore, Odysseus is very persuasive in either speech or raising morality of his men. For example, in the island of the Cyclopes, Odysseus was able to persuade the cyclone to make him drunk and then blind him. He also referred to himself as nobody or noman which later work out in Odysseus favor as the Cyclops called out for help. While thirsty for the credit Odysseus called out his name to Polyphemus, for that Odysseus and his men are cursed by Poseidon over ten years. I think because of his characteristic his men are also influenced by him. Many time Odysseus’s men disobeying his order and suffer the consequences. Take Scylla and Charybdis for an example, during choosing whereas to sail for Scylla or Charybdis he still chooses to sacrifice his men to rather than having the whole ship destroyed. This result in Odysseus’s men later eats Helios’ cattle while he was asleep which result in Zeus throwing a bolt of lightning at