Of Mice and Chapters 1-6 Essay

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Of Mice and Men
Chapter 1
South of Soledad, California
Introduced Characters
George – small man with a dark face, short tempered,
Lennie – opposite, large man with mind of a young child, mental illness
Traveling to work on a ranch
Lennie will go for his job in the morning

Chapter 2
Travel to the bunkhouse to live while working.
Bunkhouse is living place for farmworkers The boss is introduced
Introduced Candy – a kind old man, lost his one hand
Introduced Curley – The boss’s son
Curley comes off as being a jerk, stuck up, and dislikes Lennie
Run into an old man, Candy, tells them about Curley Meet Curley’s wife – trouble maker tries to get with all the guys
Introduced Slim – a man like royalty who can do no wrong, like perfect, friendly, came off the opposite way of Curley
Introduced Carlson – powerful, big stomached man, also friendly

Chapter 3
George and Slim talk about the pups, Lennie and what happened as a child, and what happened in Weed.
Character introduced named Whit
Lennie goes to the barn to pet the pups
Carlson takes Candy’s dog outside and kills it, taking it out of its misery.
Curley always looking for his wife might think slim is with her.
Introduced Crooks (black man)
Lennie asks again for George to describe how they what to live after they get their stake
Candy offers an idea to join Lennie and George in buying a new house. George likes it
Curley attacks Lennie, le begins getting beat up not fighting back; Lennie…