Of Mice And Men Analysis

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Of mice and men The story “of mice and men” by John Steinbeck is about the great depression times. Times when people worked eleven hours or more. Back when people hustle work when possible, people lived on a hand to mouth life. When Lennie was kicked out of weed, Lennie and George went a few miles south where there are green hillsides, golden sands in the sunlight, and warm waters. George and Lennie worked in a field bucking barley under the hot sun. This area had plenty of sunshine but still had trees and brush with green grass and warm waters. Lennie was tall and had a mental disability and was taken care of by George who was short and feels like Lennie is a waste of his time. Candy was a ranch handyman who was a worker with George and Lennie. Slim is the hard working one who understands the connections between George and Lennie.
Crooks was a black stable hand with a crooked back the people did not care for too much. Curly is a mean guy who picks too many fights with taller guys, and his wife was a slut who flirted with all the neighbors. “Of mice and men” has a theme; which is the feeling of human existence. Everybody need the comfort of someone. George and Lennie took the job to save up so they can save up to buy a ranch and have their own pigs, rabbits, and food. Because of Lennies’ mental disabilities he makes mistakes, and puts his closest friend in the place to kill him. My opinion of this story was the fact of a challenge that people