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Abrar Nourein
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Honors ELA
Block 4
In the book To Kill a Mocking Bird Atticus is symbolized as a mocking bird because of his braveness his helpings of others and he is a harmless man. In the book Atticus shows that he’s brave for doing something that people don’t want to do. Jem opened the door “Stay inside son” said Atticus (Lee 94). My quote is similar because I’m explaining that Atticus is brave that he went out there on the streets him self to kill the mad dog he said if no one else would do it he will.
Atticus helps folks he helped Tom during his trail because he did the unexpected. Atticus said” Tom Robinson is left-handed and a left-handed man would be more likely to leave bruises on the right side of a girl’s face”. (Lee178). Atticus is the lawyer he is peeking the truth out of people to fill in the mysteries of his own story to tell to the juries. Atticus uses common sense he figured out that bob Ewell is left handed and so is Tom. but tom is an injured man who no longer uses his left hand there for a puzzle has been made to fill in the mystery of his story. Atticus is trying to help Tom be a non-guilty black man the only way to prove is using common sense.
Atticus is very help helpful to people who need help. Atticus just wants to do what’s right. “if you shouldn’t defending him, then why are you doin it” asked scout Atticus said “for number of reasons the main reason is if I didn’t I couldn’t hold my head in town I couldn’t represent this country in the legislature”. Atticus explains to scout that he’s defending Tom because he want to hold up his head in town he’s saying that he wants people to respect him the colored people. For defending a Negro.
Atticus is a harmless man. Atticus is a harmless man he is a peaceful man who just doesn’t want to cause trouble to the town. “When Mr. Ewell approached Atticus he cussed him, spat on him and threatened to kill him” all Atticus said to Miss Stephanie when she asked “to proud to fight you nigger lovin bustard” ? He said” No, too old” (lee 217). My quote proves that Atticus is a harmless man because when miss Stephanie asked him if he’s to proud to fight bob Ewell he just says he’s too old to that means that Atticus is mature enough to deal with the situation mouth to mouth in stead of using violence and crime he rather leave this to court then to deal with it and get the situation out. Atticus is harmless because he wants the town to get along with the Negros. He also want to prove that Negros aren’t bad and that they should be respected like they respect the white people.
In the book Tom can also be a mocking bird because he’s a incent person and he helps people. “Why did you go inside the fence lots of times” asked Atticus Tom Robinson said” shed call me in suh seemed like every time I passed by yonder shed have some little something for me to do chopping kindling totin water for her” (lee 191).
Tom is a mocking bird because his incent because he is accused of rapping some girl that he only sees as a friend. When Atticus asked him why did you go inside the fence lots of times he told the truth he said only because she asked him to do chores. Tom helps folks because he feels the need to do what’s good for others. “I brock up the cifarobe” tom said. Mayella said “I reckon ill hafta…