Is It Ok To Lie To People

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Have you ever been in a situation where if telling the truth could get you in trouble or harming someone else feelings? People believe it is ok to lie to somebody because they to protect that certain someone feelings, and some believe it is not ok to tell lies. We have to tell little lies to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. There some situations where is good to tell lies like to your kids and to avoid hurting someone and social lying in social encounters.
First, it is ok to tell lies to your kids. Do think it is ok to crush your five year old kid fantasies by telling them the truth that Santa Claus and even the Tooth Fairy do not exist? Or do you prefer to keep telling that little lie so they can enjoy some happiness left in this cruel world? I remember having a great childhood due to this lies. Know that I think about it, how would my childhood would have been if I knew that Santa Claus does not exist. I guess I’d be heartbroken. Therefore I thank my parents for this little lie.
Second, is good to tell a lie when you do not want to hurt someone’s feeling or kindness, for example, when it is your birthday and the gift that someone gave you doesn’t come to your interest, you will lie to them saying thank you for the gift and pull of a compliment on how pretty the present is, even though you want to say “do you even know me?”. Also, when your get into a situation where your mother, girlfriend or anyone how wants to know how they look, do I look pretty, you will tell a lie