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Music - Johann Sebastian Bach
1.) The artist stops in between each cycle to get air and breath. He has eyes fixed on the paper reading musical notes.
2.) I think you played great. I really liked the sounds and the beat to it. It takes a lot of practice and skill to be able to play and time breaths and also look at paper for notes. You have to be able to multitask and do more than one thing at once.
3.) I like the live experience more. I think that in a live experience you are more likely to pay more attention to details, how they play, and their movements, unlike in videos where you really just listen to the playing of the instrument.
Theatre – Three versions of Shylock speech
1.) Scarface - The main point of the Shylock speech is shylock showing his anger towards how Jews are being treated by Christians. Shylock Starts by reminding him that all people are human, have the same qualities as Christians and are subject to the same comfort and emotions.
2.) David Suchet - I think he felt like he had more anger and hatred towards Christians and others who disliked Jews because of their race.
3.) Ashley Thomas – This guy felt like he was angry as well towards Christians. It seemed as though he wanted to show back the anger and hatred that Christians had showed them now that he is given the chance to do so.
Visual Art - Edward Hopper
1.) The painting is really colorful and has a lot of details. The colors in the background tell a lot about the point trying to get