Essay on Online Communication and Commerce

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Online Services Introduction
2013 has been a great year for technology all around the world. The number of people that use the internet every day, around the world is astounding and most of those people are using online services which are what this report is about. Of course, when we have technology such as computers, phones and tablets, it’s hard not to use the online services that are given to us. The younger generation of today has been brought up using the internet and using computers, whether they are at school, home, college or work. Social networking has taken over the lives of teenagers around the globe with websites such as Twitter and Facebook being available day and night. Every day the search engine Google gets an average of 3,278,688,524 searches and owns 88% of the market share making it the most popular search engine on the internet. That means that every day thousands of people use the online service which is Google. I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t used Google before when they have been using the internet. There are so many things that are available to people on the internet today. It goes without saying that the internet has helped many businesses to expand and grow with the use of online services. An online service is a business which provides it subscribers with a wide variety of data through the internet. This can be something like online communication - helping subscribers to communicate with each other, an online store where you can buy things, or email provider or a news provider etc. Services such as Hotmail and Yahoo provide an email service to their subscribers, to help them communicate with another person, through the internet. The use of online services keeps growing and expanding everyday. Businesses especially, use online services on a regular basis to help their growth. A lot of businesses, when trying to expand, choose to use an online service such as having an online store, because this means that the business can be visited by everyone around the world and not just one area. In my e-book, I will be covering online services such as: commerce, education, entertainment, communication and search engines.

Introduction to Communication

Any communication which is done over the internet is considered as online communication. Online communication is an easy way to communicate with people from around the world. This can be anything from email to social networking websites to conference calls. People can use the communication service on many different sites, emails sites, social networking sites, through programmes such as Skype and Facetime etc. websites like this help to connect people socially so that they can talk to others.
Online communication is not just for social use. Even though ways of online communication are usually used to talk to people and interact with friends, a lot of businesses choice to use it too. Video conferencing is common among businesses, helping them discuss things with other businesses other the internet, instead of face to face if they are far away from each other. The email side of communication is also part of what businesses use. Email can be used within the work area to tell colleges and employees what to do and how to do it, or update them on information. A lot of online services connect together. For example, websites such as Facebook used for social networking often advertise a business which leads to people visiting that business and they then use a different type of online service such as an online shop.
People want and need online communication simply to talk to other. Without online communication our lives would be very different, especially the lives of people who use things like social networking sites and email on a regular basis. I think that if we did not have the choice of online communication a lot of businesses would have no business left. There would be no way of quickly communicating with customers or other branches of a