The Purpose Of Online Organisations

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Online Organisations
The children’s society is a child and youth charity in the voluntary/ charity sector, along with The NHS which in the public sector and Marks and Spencer’s which is in the private sector. All three of these organisations operate largely online, especially The Children’s Society where online you find out about upcoming events sponsorships and general news on what they will be working on.
The Purpose of The Children’s Society is to offer support and change unfortunate children’s lives for the better; they aim to do this by supporting children in care and young runaways, they try to do this by incorporating their website for people to donate campaign and volunteer to them. The Children’s Society operate mostly online with a large interactive website with interactive blogs and donations which people can get involved in, there are a number of activities they offer such as, online video stories, online shopping and general interactive news stories on what they are doing to raise money e.g. marathons and raffle events.
Marks and Spencer’s purpose is to make as much profit as possible and to satisfy their customers with outstanding products. The aim to do this by developing their M&S brand, improving their stores and focusing on their clothing range along with home and food businesses, by operating online M&S have attracted an extra 3.4 million weekly customers to their organisation. Because they have invested in an improved shopping experience M&S can reap the benefits as the mobile site experienced over 300% growth in visits. By doing this M&S are meeting their aims which it to make as much profit as possible and by adding extra convenience in next day delivery options, making it easier to view products through zoom and videos and improving their search functionality there are also trying to keep up with customer expectations with their outstanding products.

The NHS’s core purpose is to all people receive the highest quality and most effective specialist healthcare within the allocated resources. They obliviously aim to do this by working collaboratively to ensure patients across the country receive fair and equitable access to all specialist services with improving health outcomes in hospitals but also on their website. The NHS website has everything that any would need to know about different symptoms to living well, their also have a services by you locator so anyone can search for hospitals, GP’s, dentists and anything urgent by doing this means that people can become a bit more independent in search for what causing their distress instead of booking doctors’ appointments but it also mean support for alcoholism and drug takers. By having a website that is so informative and interactive means that no matter what where someone is or what age they are they can also way find the best specialist information and guidance through the NHS website.
The main differences between the websites are the general layout and colour schemes that have been chosen for them M&S opted for their usual lime green, blacks and greys and the majority of what they offer are split into different categories in drop down tabs compared to the NHS website that has different shades of blue and white with the majority of its information on their homepage which you then have to type in a work or phrase to get a result. But The Children’s Society have gone for a different range of inviting colours and IMAGERY BETWEEN ORGANISATIONS AND DROP DOWN TABS drop down tabs and a very modern video feel to their website mostly likely so that it all attracts youths to it as well as adults. In general the NHS and Children society website are not hugely different mainly because they are both informational websites, compared to M&S which have more images and specific text for their products.

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