Essay on Online Sales Monitoring and Inventory System

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The problem of the conducted research is about the company’s sales monitoring and inventory system. Keeping records of sales and inventories manually are the current method used by the company. Due to this current method of inventory system, the company has encountered several problems regarding the monitoring and stocks checking. KONEK.COM management once said, “Manual method is very hassle and time consuming process of inventory. It has many drawbacks as there are many mistakes while recording large data and it disturb some important transaction sometimes”.
Upon hearing this, the researchers developed a system which will help the management keep record of inventories in systematic way and help them produce
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 To minimized the work of the management.
 To lessen the time used by the management especially during inventory.
 To produced a detailed and accurate reports about their records of sales and inventory.
 To keep records of data systematically.

1.3 SCOPE AND LIMITATION The researchers gathered information and problem from the client before taking a moved for this proposal project. Those gathered information are well studied by the researchers to come up with the scope and limitation of the system.
This system does the following:
 Record products delivery.
 Record sold products.
 Show reports of the remaining products.
This system cannot do the following:
 Customer’s inquiry.
1.4 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Most small businesses underestimate the importance of managing their sales and inventories. They do not realize that many headaches are caused by the lack of control and knowledge of their sales and inventory. In relation to this, the motivation to create and implement an online sales monitoring and inventory system is high. To provide a simple but accurate sales monitoring and inventory system in this company can have a big difference with their sales and eventually in their company’s reputation as one of the trusted hardware store in its community. This study will provide detailed and accurate information which will be beneficial to the