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Opening Statement Good afternoon, Mighty Goddess of the universe, I am Reiner Acuario. With the help of my colleagues Jessica and Elaine, we are here today in defending Hamlet from the unfair charges he is being imposed by the Prosecution.
As the Defense of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, who is being unfairly charged with second degree murder, and therefore we are here to prove his innocence by bringing in evidence and witnesses that will prove that he acted in self defense and in justice.
Death is something all individuals fear, but when we have a feeling of guilt, all we can think is that it prolongs its visit. Claudius was an evil and selfish king who was never loyal to the country and to the people. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, had the right to the throne and obligation to protect his kingdom from any danger. And as a vulnerable man, who had gone through devastating hardships in his life, acted in his instincts. He should not be held responsible for trying to serve justice and defending the honor of his family and kingdom.
In our attempt to proving Hamlet’s innocence, the Prosecution will try to utilize
Hamlet’s desire of revenge and anger to make him accountable for the death of
Claudius. In addition, they will try to persuade you that Hamlet meticulously planned to kill Claudius and that he planned to used his madness to justify his ‘treachery’. They are wrong, however, as Hamlet was just trying to do what was best for the country even if it meant having to get rid of a traitorous king. Our first witness will be Gertrude, who will testify that she was poisoned by the contents of the cup King Claudius gave to Hamlet. Then we