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Melanie Ferreira
Assignment OIS

Opening case: Pinterest

1. Knowledge: Do you consider Pinterest a form of disruptive or sustaining technology?

Disruptive technology is a new way of doing something that initially does not meet the needs of existing customers. This type of technology tends to open new markets and destroy old ones. While, a sustaining technology produces an improved product that customers are eager to buy. This technology provides better, faster and cheaper products on established markets.
I think that Pinterest is a sustaining technology. Indeed, it’s a social network like Facebook or twitter but the system it’s not the same so this website improved the market of the social media.

2. Comprehension:
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Intelligent applications: the use of agents, machine learning and semantic web concepts to complete intelligent tasks for users.
Open ID: the provision of an online identity that can be easily carried to a variety of devices (cell phones…) allowing for easy authentication across different websites.
Open technologies: the design of website and other software so they can be easily integrated and work together.
A worldwide database: the ability for databases to be distributed and accessed from everywhere.

An idea that would be close to Pinterest laying on the web 3.0 advantages would be, that connects all the news in the world in one website. Launch a website that gathers every information on a dedicated subject. The user will type a specific request on the research toolbar of the website, and thanks to the “semantic analysis” the website will give access to the user to an amazing databases. In additions to that, the information will be rank by importance and pertinence for the user.

6. Evaluation: Evaluate the challenges facing Pinterest and identify ways the company can prepare to face these issues.

The Pinterest’ s site is about pining lot of photos and images. Users can go against the law if they pin a picture with a copyright or not their. Pinterest can be the victim of a lot trails against the, accusing them that they violate the