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Hao-Yun, Chang
Emily Choi
Strategic Management
Executive Summary
Oracle Corporation, a leading producer of software and hardware for enterprises and individuals, is consider to be one of the most successful providers of IT services and products. Currently, Oracle is transforming its IT products by shifting from complex, sophisticated forms to much simpler methods of engineering hardware and software. By reducing the complexity and introducing simplicity to IT, the firm allows its 400,000 clients in 145 countries to facilitate innovation and promote values to their client base. With engineering simplicity through reliability, security, speed and manageability, it didn’t take the company to wait long for success. In particular, Oracle open and integrated approaches provide high performance at the moderate costs while working as a single vendor (“Welcome to Oracle” n. p.). Oracle is ready to provide their customers with open architecture and numerous operation system solutions that create unique benefits. In this way, customers will be able to optimize any infrastructure for their industry. The paper focuses on the financial analysis of the company that involves such aspects as financial performance analysis, evaluation of internal and external processes, strategic framework and pitfalls, as well as recommendation on improving financial and managerial strategies. The company also follows the policies of corporate citizenship and sustainability reporting. In particular, the firm is committed to introducing products and practices that will contribute to effective environmental protection. In particular, our database, applications, middleware and storage technologies can allow clients to meet their sustainability objectives. The sustainability options are confined to the unmatched depth of capabilities. In this respect, the purpose of this report is to provide a thorough examination of financial situation of the company, its internal and external environments, as well as strategic framework to enable appropriate recommendations.
Oracle Company Financial Analysis
Over three decades, Oracle corporation has been regarded the pioneer in producing database software and hardware. Further development of company’s products has led to emergence of innovative technologies that allow leaders to expand their influence on the current world of technological advances. The emergence of middleware and databases through cloud computing has also been included into the main line of products and services. The company was founded by Larry Ellison foresaw the developed of the firm that was not available to others. In particular, the founders provided the description of informational database, a powerful tool of classifying, identifying, gathering and storing information. Prior to this invention, no other company had been committed to the electronic variant of processing and storing information. Therefore, database commercialization has become the key to successful expansion and prosperity of the Oracle Company.
Financial Analysis A brief overview of company specialization and objectives is congruent with successful financial operations. At the current moment, Oracle Corporation does not plan to stop developing and expanding its financial and marketing influence. At this point, the company realizes that maximizing potential and delivering successful results are the best strategic options for combining technologies with company mission. There are three main areas of influence triggering financial success. Firstly, CEOs must determine time and methods for investing and promoting profitable growth. As such, 40 % of results could be predicted in 3 months, whereas 93 % focus on error-filled spreadsheets and cumbersome. Thus, improving forecast accuracy, achieving profitable growth, and optimizing resources allocations must be among the priorities for encouraging increase of the company profits (“Why Oracle?” n. p.). Second, the task of