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Good evening ladies and gentlemen, today topic will be about Fusion54 Bar & Bistro which located in New Farm. Their menu merges all ports of the generic 'Asian' category, from Thai to regional Chinese through into Vietnamese-influenced cuisine as well as Western desserts style. This is a restaurant which will embrace customers -who have love affair with Asian food and culture- into a unique and uplifting dining experience. Fusion 54 has many direct competitors in Brisbane such as Siam, The Vietnamese, West end Garden… To visit their website, log in to www.fusion54.com.au. Their website has almost all the important information that a customer seeks to know such as opening hours, address or contact phone numbers. However there are still some issues about the website that can be proposed to transformation.
I will now evaluate 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses of this website. First of all, I will start to talk about their 2 strengths.
For strength 1: I can see the home- page of “Fusion54 Bar & Bistro” is presented clearly and attractively with the images of their delicious dishes. Also the intro-descriptions and restaurants details are presented neatly in columns on their homepage. The texts on the website are in yellow on red theme. This makes the text much more accessible to the reader. Also, there is a number of links such as “Eat”, “Look” and “Connect” on the top right in yellow on red theme are very eye-catchy.
Move on to strength 2: Fusion54 has put their entire restaurant menu under the link “Eat” and can be clicked to see through straight on the website. This gives the reader an experience feeling as they are really sitting in the restaurant with the real paper menu. On the right column they also have description information to each section of ontree’, shared fares, desserts and lunch special, all under quick links.
After finishing showing the two strengths, I now will evaluate the two weaknesses.
The first weakness I chose is there are not many categories in the website which make it look quite plan comparing to other competitors’ websites. In addition there are just a few photos about the dishes under the link “Look” and they are also cannot be enlarge for the reader to see more clearly.
The second weakness of this website is there is no link about “Functions” service which every restaurant will have. The website has not included Drink list on to their online menu. Also, there is no additional links to blogs in relation to the customer experience. This will cause