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Tallahassee BeanCounters Team Case
Kaylee Cutler
Charles Spiva
Shauna Jones

During a routine audit of Tallahassee BeanCounters, the team’s owner Franklin Kennedy asked if we would investigate further into the potential of a fraud occurring within the company. Mr. Kennedy stated that he received an anonymous tip and believes that based on the tip, fraud within the organization was occurring. A fraud examination was conducted and the findings from relevant documents and interviews are below.

Executive Summary:
The investigation started when Mr. Kennedy approached our team asking us to review documents to see if a potential fraud within the organization was occurring. Mr. Kennedy received an anonymous tip that
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Based on our examination of documents as well as interviews, we have determined that the answer is in fact yes. Ben Hill, together with Jessica Keller and Charles Thurgood are all parties to the misappropriations. Costs to the Team associated with embezzlement is at a minimum approximately $9,462.44 over the four months, April through July. Further detail into the structure of the embezzlements and costs associated is provided below.

The team started our investigation by looking into the payroll process of Tallahassee BeanCounters. We identified that three fake employees were created and subsequently paid. Upon comparing the time cards kept by Ben Hill, the time sheets for game-day employees, game-day employee work schedule, and payroll detail from ADP Payroll Services, suspicion arose around three employees: Marie McAulley, Terry Talbot, and Paul Owens. The time cards kept by Ben Hill as well as the payroll detail from ADP, contained these three employees, but they were not on the time sheets for game-day employees or on the game-day employee work schedule. Proving these three employees were in fact ‘ghost’ employees, we investigated further into the addresses Tallahassee BeanCounters had on file for them and we concluded that they all three had the same P.O. Box. That alone not being enough to prove that they indeed were ‘ghost’ employees, Exhibit 3 shows cancelled checks from ADP for those three employees all being deposited into the same bank